September 1, 2017

Motor Vehicles


New Vehicle: Proof of Identification is required. Purchaser needs to have in their posession (MSO) Manufacturer Statement Origin, completed by dealer and purchaser. Also, need bill of sale stating tax collected and lien holder (if any). If vehicle is purchased out of state and sales tax is lower than TN, then the difference will be collected at time of registration.

Used: Proof of Identification is required. Purchaser should have title in their possession with the buyer and seller’s signature. Odometer is required for vehicles ten years or newer. Tax will be collected at time of registration unless dealer collected tax. Selling price of vehicle has to be 75% of book value. Low selling price will delay process of issuing title. Form SF1301201 can be used for low selling price of gift. Do not purchase vehicle if seller’s signature does not match the name on the front of the title. If lien appears on front of title, make sure it has been relased before purchase. If lien needs to be noted on either new or used, make sure full name and address is properly noted.

Moving to Tennessee: Proof of identification and two proofs of residency is required. Title from previous state, or if still paying on vehicle, owner needs current registration and full name and address of lien holder. In the event you hold the out of state title we will need the title.

Replacement of Lost Tennessee Title: Tennessee title is the only title that may be replaced. No out of state titles. To obtain a replacement title, SF0964 has to be completed and signed by registered owner. Owner must present I.D. and pay $11.00.

Noting of Lien: Must be Tennessee title. In order to note lien, form SF0943 has to be completed and signed by registered owner. Must have TN title and a security agreement between the lender and borrower. Noting of lien: $22.00.

Multiple Owners: Only one signaure is required on title if registered to two or more and is joined by “OR”. If joined by “AND”, both signaures are required.

Selling of Vehicle: Registered owner of vehicle signs his/her name as signature of seller. Individual obtaining ownership of vehicle signs their name as buyer with complete address. Seller should never sign title without completing buyer portion; this is known as an open title. This could result into penalties to seller.

Handicap: Handicap individual must have form SF0953 completed by physician to obtain plates or placard. If purhcasing plate, individual has to be a registered handicap person.

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